company profile

The founders

In 1991, Pierre Milad Beaini, a well known and respected business idol in the Lebanese business market in general, and customs clearance in particular, along with Joe Costa Bitar, CEO of the company, with his many years of experience in the ultimate shipping agency in Beirut-Costa Bitar – both emerged as visionary entrepreneurs and founded a company that would primarily serve the market for forwarding services in light of the growing sea freight industry, which they named Panemar.


business scope

With combined efforts, Panemar was able to expand its business scope and turn into a full service logistics company, specializing in freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing, marine insurance, and licensed for ships handling under our sister company LPL.

In its years of service


Panemar holds its head offices in the modern Saifi Tower Complex, Jemayzeh, strategically and conveniently neighboring the Beirut Port area where it also has recently opened its own first private warehouse with a storage capacity of 4,000 cbm inside Beirut Port Free zone.

This, accompanied with our 70 highly trained personnel, our cutting edge technology and business solution, contribute to better serve clients, no matter what their business nature is.