step 1
First step is to Meet with the client and make sure to clearly understand his request:

From which country to which country ?
Export? Import? Or cross? Which mean of Transportation does he want to use? Plane, ship or land? Full container or groupage ?
step 2
We collect the order from the supplier/ Factory
(Anywhere in the world)
step 3
We book a space on the most convenient vessel/plane or truck. We do the customs clearance formalities
step 4
We make sure that the cargo is loaded on the chosen ship/truck/plane
step 5
We track the shipment on its designated mean of transportation and follow up all its related documents.
step 6
Once the vessel arrives to destination, we unload the cargo and place them in our warehouse inside the free zone area
step 7
We do the customs clearance at destination
step 8
Once we are done with the clearance,
We deliver the cargo to the client warehouse or any other place instructed by Them.


Container types


Customs clearance documents needed:

List of the documents required for Clearance of Import Shipments
  • Papers needed from overseas shipper:
  • Detailed original invoice stamped, signed and showing the origin of goods
  • Detailed packing list showing the contents of each package, total number of packages and gross weight
  • Eur 1 for all goods coming from EU countries and which would like to have the discount on their customs dues, as a result of the agreement between Lebanon and the EU countries
  • Certificate of Origin for shipments from Arab countries so that the goods become exempted or the customs tax reduced due the TAYSIR agreement for the Arabs countries
Requirements from the client in Beirut:
  • Performa invoice
  • Proof of payment
  • Freight invoice in case it is FOB or Ex-work
  • Discharge from the CNSS
  • A photocopy of the authorized receiver's or owner's I.D.
  • Commercial circular
  • 2 Commercial registers: one issued by the Ministry of Finance, the second by the Ministry of Justice
It is advisable to contact us regarding the correct required documents to avoid any conflict.

List of Documents required for the Export customs formalities of General Cargo shipments from Lebanon:
  • invoice of the freight
  • Original invoice (2 copies)
  • Packing List
  • Export attestation
  • Discharge from the CNSS (release from tax claims)
  • Copy of shipper's I.D.
  • Authorization for clearing agent
  • Commercial register
  • Commercial circulation
  • Certificate of registration in the Ministry of Finance
  • Certificate of Origin for shipments to Arab countries and Euro 1 for shipments to Europe

Customs Regulations

  • All shipments are subject to customs duties and Vat "Value Added Tax unless the required documents for exemption are provided.
  • Certain items such as foodstuffs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, wireless telephones etc. request licenses from either IRI or the concerned ministries.
  • All videotapes, CDs (Compaq discs), books, records must be mentioned in the packing list and sent for inspection to the General Security Office.
  • Prohibited Items: All kinds of firearms, ammunitions, drugs, narcotics, pornographic materials, swords, knives (including decorative ones) & other kinds of weaponry are prohibited.